Value of Virtual: Leading Global Teams

23 09 2010

Pam Jones, who runs programmes at Ashridge on Leading Virtual Teams and Leading Global Teams, is now asking about how teams are made up? Are they multi-disciplinary? Are they in different cultures? Are they geographically disperse?

And yet, despite the talk of virtual, a very Ashridge exercise to engage the audience is about to begin, with two metre bamboo canes and blind-folds being distributed.

Is this aimed at motivating people that virtual is better? Less chance of getting beaten by the boss?

Alas no, it is about doing a physical exercise together but with some members blind-folded, and therefore experiencing the exercise as if they were virtual attendees.

Interestingly everyone is quick to join in and happy to manoeuvre in the dark.

Feedback once everyone is safely sat down with blindfolds removed and canes safely stored in the corner is:

  • Regular communication and lots of feedback was essential
  • Visualising helped
  • Physical contact made a difference (they were clearly cheating!)
  • Enjoyable and fun
  • Some found it liberating (others did not).

Apparently 50% of all communication is visual…so how do you deal with that with virtual?




One response

23 09 2010

This is experiential learning – physical contact is not cheating – it is a metaphor for other ways to co-operate in the virtual

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