Value of Virtual: Context, Background and Learning Dimensions

23 09 2010

The Value of Virtual event today at Ashridge has begun with Tony Sheehan, Learning Services Director, asking the audience how they use virtual tools and techniques to help them ‘work, learn and play’?

One of the issues raised is making all learning in an organisation equal and fair for everyone. However, surely all learning styles restrict people in different ways? Some people prefer to work through things at arm’s length and in their own time, some thrive on the classroom.

Of course one of the issues that is as yet in its infancy is how the classroom can be brought online, with the interaction available in face-to-face learning also beginning to be available over the internet…using video conferencing, virtual worlds and so on.

Vijay Modha, current MBA student at Ashridge has raised the problem there, however, at how verbal communication doesn’t capture everything…as there is so much that is through body language, facial expressions and so on.

Another question raised was if something as simple as email could be considered as ‘virtual’?